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Vote NO on Measure 24-491

$1,000+ IN NEW TAXES PER FAMILY. Measure 24-491 would increase taxes on a two-worker household earning Salem’s average annual wage by over $1,000!

NO CAP ON FUTURE TAX INCREASES. Get ready to pay even more. If Measure 24-491 is adopted, the Salem City Council could increase the tax at any time without a vote of the people!

INFLATION IS CRUSHING SALEM RESIDENTS. But the Salem City Council wants more of your money anyway. Measure 24-491 would raise nearly $30 million per year in new taxes at a time when residents can least afford it.

THE TAX WILL HURT SMALL BUSINESSES. Salem-area businesses are already struggling to recover from the pandemic. Measure 24-491 will make things even harder. It’s costly, it’s an administrative nightmare, and it will make it harder to attract and retain workers.

THE SALEM CITY BUDGET IS BIGGER THAN EVER. The city is already collecting record tax revenues from Salem residents. Measure 24-491 is a blank check to a city government with a never-ending appetite for more of your hard-earned money.

LITTLE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR HOW MONEY WILL BE SPENT. Measure 24-491 provides little in the way of accountability for how the new tax revenues will be spent. Salem politicians don’t need another slush fund paid for by our tax dollars.

It’s time for the city to live within its means. It’s not fair to punish small businesses and working families with new taxes when the city should be managing its resources better. Join thousands of Salem residents and VOTE NO ON MEASURE 24-491.